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"Fresh Country Sound with a Rattlesnake Bite"

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KM BAND 2-Time #1 Radio Single "Jesse James"!!!

- TIRC Weeks 36 & 39

               ~ September 2021      

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Kaleb McIntire’s sound can be described as good, old-fashioned country music infused with rock n’ roll. 


Utilizing a natural baritone inflection, he sings from the heart. 

His current single, "Jesse James" just hit #1 on the Texas Internet Radio Chart (Week 36, September 8, 2021 - ). And, for the 2nd Time (Week 39, September 27, 2021 - ).

KM BAND 2-Time #1 Radio Single "Jesse James"!!!

- TIRC Weeks 36 & 39

Some of his earliest hits include the anthem “Redneck in All of Us”, Elvis-inspired “Uh-huh”, and his first #1 single, "Plain O' Texas" on  Texas Internet Radio Chart.  Many of Kaleb’s songs have made it into the top-10 on country music charts in both Texas and parts of Europe, while “Redneck in All of Us” appeared in the top 30 nationally.

Kaleb tours across the United States with his band and has completed multiple tours throughout Europe where he has amassed a large following.

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Kaleb McIntire One Sheet (pdf)

Kaleb's Personal Life

Kaleb currently lives on a farm outside of Dallas with his wife, Katie, their two dogs, Big Bad John and Duke, and their pet duck, Merle Quackgard.  They recently introduced their first baby, Kash McIntire, into the world this past June 2021! 



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